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There are many different ways a business can represent themselves online and show the personal brand that they have created. Sometimes the brand that they have created is bad and can be very bad for business. Some companies do not take enough time to put their brand together and do it just for the sake of doing it. You can tell that they fail to invest the time in learning about what’s in their best interests for their brand. There should be enough research done to be sure that what is being done, is going to work out the way they want it to. Brand discovery is about figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life, setting goals, writing down a mission, vision and personal brand statement (what you do and who you serve), as well as creating a development plan. In order for a business to know if they have discovered their brand, they need to equation to equal their self impression and how people perceive them.

A business should always take the extra time when branding their business. By branding a business the wrong way and poorly, it can be very bad for their business and may even hurt the business in the future even if they rid of the bad brand they created. It is kind of just like the saying that one bad apple spoils it for the whole bunch. Once a business has figured out what they want their brand to be, they need to get it on paper and online. The internet is used by millions and millions of people every day, so it is especially important that the business puts the brand online where people are constantly viewing. A company can put their brand online through Facebook and even Twitter. After a business spends the time on the parts of their personal branding, it would be time for them to showcase it to the world. Unless you are the luckiest person on the earth, the business will have to actually communicate everything that they have created with others.

A great way for a business to communicate their brand to people would be through the internet, like stated above. The business could interact with people through social media by talking about the brand and posting things about the brand for the people to see. A company could even create advertising such as commercials, to show their brand that way. There are endless ways a business could advertise the brand that they have created besides commercials. They could do it through ads in newspapers, ads on social networking sites, billboards, or even just word of mouth from people. If a business does not use any tools that are provided for them to spread the word about their brand, it will remain stagnant and not get anywhere. This would have made the whole point of the business even creating a brand as a waste of time, money, and energy. A bad brand can be very bad for business, especially if it is not known of.

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